Mancos Press in the Local Press

Mancos Press in the Local Press


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The entire restoration project is expected to cost $248,000. Local donations, grants and a Kickstarter campaign will hopefully do the trick, Harrison said.

“The first phase is just to get the building restored,” she said.

Harrison said she hopes the grant will be announced in February and renovation can start in late spring or early summer. Graphic arts classes could start by 2016.

Suzy Meyer worked as the editor of the Mancos Times from 1992 to 1995 and felt honored to work in the historic building.

“I felt really privileged to work in that building. I felt the weight of the history there. So I am really pleased the Ballantine family has made it possible for the building and the press to be used again for printing,” she said.

Meyer said it was a pleasure to see the trays of old lead type and lead and wooden blocks with historical figures etched on them.

“I love that they are preserving that equipment, because it is such an important part of the history of Mancos,” Meyer said. “Newspapers were tremendously important to small communities.”

“A newspaper is the record of what is happening in its community, so I am glad the press is still going to be part of the permanent record,” Meyer said. “Presses like this are the reason the print media are called the press.”