Artist Membership at the Mancos Common Press – Procedures & Protocol

Artist Membership at the Mancos Common Press – Procedures & Protocol

Contact Rosie Carter, Shop Manager with questions anytime [email protected].

Membership and Booking Press Time:.

  • The 6-month monthly membership fee of $60/month, allows for 8 4-hour sessions per month.
  • Press time is booked online through the Press Calendar.  Members receive a passcode with their membership which gives access to the Calendar.
  • Max of 4 possible users at the Press at once.
  • Users can reserve a specific press or specify non-press work.
  • Time slots are 9am–1pm, 1–5pm, or 5–9pm, 7 days a week.
  • Sometimes the Press will be unavailable to Members due to a class or other scheduled event. 


While at the Press:

  • Guests may visit but are not allowed to use equipment or participate in printing projects without prior approval from the Shop Manager.
  • Each member will have the passcode to let themselves into the building.
  • Members agree to open the Press to the public during business hours (9am-5pm, 7 days a week), host visitors, and handle retail sales on the Square iPad.
  • Members should know the basics of the history of the newspaper, the preservation project, etc.  Information is on the timeline at the Press and on our website: Mancos Times History, Press Revitalization, PBS Video About the Cranston & the Press


Printing and General Facilities Use:

  • The Press pays for cleaning supplies and ink (the provided ink must be used). Members bring their own papers, cardstock, etc. or paper can be purchased from the Press Club supply drawer.
  • If using a press, Members are required to complete the Press Use Checklist (on a clipboard at each press).
  • Members are responsible for all cleanup and sorting of type and equipment at the end of their press time.
  • Projects may be stored on a galley tray with Member’s name for up to two weeks.  After two weeks all materials must be sorted and put away.



  • The use of the Mancos Common Press logo is reserved for items that are sold through the Press after approval.
  • Accommodations can be made through volunteer hours for someone who cannot afford the full membership fee.  Please contact the Shop Manager.
  • Arrangements can be made for special circumstances such as bringing a guest collaborator or reserving the entire press for a special project.   Contact the Shop Manager to discuss arrangements.

Application for Artist Membership

Mancos Common Press /2023

An Artist Membership allows printmakers and artists full access to the Mancos Common Press facilities and equipment.  Memberships are six months and users can sign up for up to eight 4-hour sessions per month via our online Press Calendar.  When scheduling time, users have the option to reserve a specific press or non-press work.  The Press accommodates up to four users at a time, so often others are sharing the space.  Membership fees are $60/month for 6 consecutive months, paid in full or using our automatic payment plan.

To apply for Artist Membership, please answer the questions below and review the “Artist Membership Procedures & Protocols” on this page.  Contact Rosie Carter, Shop Manager with any questions: [email protected]

What equipment and techniques are you interested in using at the Press? Check all that apply:(Required)
The Press is available for independent use in 4-hour sessions, 8 sessions per month. What time slot(s) do you see yourself scheduling most often? Check all that apply.(Required)
There are many opportunities to be a part of the Press community. Please select all that are of interest to you.(Required)

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