Mancos Commons is transformational in bringing together creative arts and community housing in a small rural community. The project is one-of a kind in terms of the thoughtful planning, high quality design, environmental sustainability, and social equity it promotes for our community.

The Mancos Commons is a multi-use development project located in the heart of downtown Mancos at 129 W. Grand Avenue adjacent to the existing Mancos Common Press building.

The project features an approximately 4,000 square foot, two-story mixed-use development including three single-bedroom affordable housing units, a large workshop space, and retail and office space, retaining the pocket park/courtyard and mural.


Attainable housing for our local residents and workforce is a top priority for Mancos. As the Common Press board contemplated expansion, it was clear that the project could address the need by including well-designed three single-bedroom units.

A great location for growth. The location is highly walkable, with access to the Mancos RE-6 school campus, public library, and downtown shops, restaurants and services. There is public access through the site from Grand Avenue to the Mancos river. The project will provide bicycle racks and connect Mancos to the Mesa Verde Bike Trail, provide EVSE electric charger at the rear parking area for tenants.

Includes sustainable/energy efficient building attributes. The project will incorporate sustainable landscaping, rainwater management, water efficiency, energy performance, materials and resources. The project is also intended to promote increased indoor environmental quality with design features such as natural daylighting, mechanical ventilation, and HVAC systems. The building is all electric and a rooftop solar installation is planned. These features are also meant to promote tenant health and quality of life. 

Space for increased Press programming and community engagement. Our offerings include workshops, classes, Press Club membership and artists in residence programs. Our vision is to be a true reflection of our community… and our world.

The space holds a large workshop space and retail and office space. These spaces are meant for artists, community gatherings, and a regional hub for creatives in the print/graphic arts sector.


  • Aligned with Mancos’ master plan
  • Proposed two-story mixed-use building
  • Approximately 4,000 square foot
  • In the heart of downtown Mancos
  • Adjacent to the Mancos Common Press
  • Expanded workshop, retail, and office space
  • Attainable housing for residents and workforce
  • Committed to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Three single-bedroom living units
  • Includes many sustainable/energy efficient
  • All electric and a rooftop solar installation is proposed
  • Sustainable landscaping, rainwater management, water efficiency
  • Retains existing pocket park/courtyard/mural
  • Provides bicycle racks and EVSE electric charger

Even a small contribution makes a big impact.

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The Mancos Commons is an approved CO Enterprise Zone Project

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