“The Mancos Common Press is a vibrant entity, enriching a broad community, thanks to our many generous supporters.”
– Betsy Harrison –


Tami Graham
Board President

Jim Law
Vice President


Chris Ballantine
brad Goodell
Frank Matero
Matt Neff
Robin Strother
Steve Williams
T.J. Zark
Ted Zerrer

here are a few of our many generous friends and partners.

Ballantine Family

The existence of the Mancos Common Press (MCP) would not be possible without the vision and generosity of the Ballantine Family – in the form of both Ballantine Development, LLC and the Ballantine Family Fund. At the beginning of the project discussions, the Mancos Times-Tribune property was owned by Ballantine Development, LLC.  Richard Ballantine had joined the original steering committee and eventually spearheaded the donation of the building and its contents to the Mancos Common Press. In succeeding years, MCP has also been fortunate to receive several grants from the Ballantine Family Fund, both to move programming forward but also to fund a spectacular mural on the exterior west wall of the building.  The mural depicts the historical use of the building as a newspaper shop and is a great enhancement to downtown Mancos.

University Of Pennsylvania School of Design

Mancos Common Press’s main collaboration has been with the University of Pennsylvania School of Design (UPenn).  The initial idea for the restoration of the building was initiated by the UPenn and their participation has been significant and ongoing. UPenn has had many graduate students and staff working on the project since its inception in 2014. Two faculty members sit on the Mancos Common Press Board. UPenn also made a significant financial contribution to the grant match required by the History Colorado State Historical Fund.

History Colorado State Historical Fund

As a young organization the Mancos Common Press would not have been in a position to accomplish the restoration work on the building without the direction, guidelines and financial assistance from the State Historical Fund.


• This project is paid for in part by a History Colorado – State Historical Fund grant. •

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