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Herstory Print Collective & Mancos Common Press present:
Artists of the Four Corners: Celebrating Women Through Printmaking

Eight local artists came together to create posters of inspiring women in their lives or in history. Created in a workshop led by the women of the Herstory Print Collective and hosted by the Mancos Common Press, the artists used a relief printmaking technique to make bold and compelling images printed onto newsprint for wheat pasting to the Beehive’s building (alley side) in Mancos, CO.

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We are a group of women printmakers. As a collective, we produce portrait murals of women who have impacted how we see and understand the world. We formed in early 2021 in Albuquerque, NM as a core group of three women artists. We invite other women to create portraits, too. They are loosely in the style of political street art, done on newsprint and wheat-pasted to walls. To date, Herstory represents the work of 19 artists and portrays 32 women. Herstory murals have been mounted on Mountain Rd. in Albuquerque, in Sliver City at the Southwest Printmaking Fiesta, and on the mobile gallery, Axle Contemporary. Additionally, we offer live-printmaking at community events, sharing our tools and techniques with the public.


Facebook: herstoryprintmaking

Instagram: @herstoryprintmaking

Thank you to Onward Foundation and Mancos Creative District for generously funding this project.

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