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This spring Mancos Common Press included in its programming a series of classes for the Mancos Re-6 School district. Classes varied by age group but in total 190 students were introduced to the art of Letterpress. Each class included a basic explanation of the history of relief printing and the profound effect the invention of moveable type had on education and communication around the globe.

150 third, fourth and fifth graders visited the press and helped print a Little Blue Jay logo to take home as a souvenir.
30 Middle School kids created and carved their own linoleum blocks in art class and then brought them to the MCP and printed a series of gift cards.

Finally, the High School Honors Art Club type set and printed the posters to advertise their Spring art exhibit.
Word got out all the way to Dolores so another presentation for 60 fourth graders was arranged, and of course a linoleum block was created so they could print their own Dolores logo.

Thanks for the many MCP volunteer hours and to the Ballantine Family Fund for a grant to cover class materials.[/vc_column_text]

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