Press Club Membership December 2022 Annie



Join the Press Club and enjoy up to 32 hours of reserved printing time on our presses.  Press Club members MUST take the Letterpress 101 class or be pre-approved by the board before purchasing a monthly membership.  See full description for more details.


The Mancos Press Club consists of print artists who have been certified to use the Common Press studio space on their own. Certification means one has taken the Common Press Letterpress 101 class and been checked-out or has been approved using other criteria by the Board.  The Press Club is available effective February 1, 2022


The studio will be available for club members Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Weekends are reserved for Board activities and Press classes. Exceptions can be made.


The website has been set up to accommodate the following schedules:

  • Max of 4 possible users at once
  • Can reserve 9-1pm, 1-5pm or a full day (both shifts).  Must indicate one of the three presses, or general use of the building
  • This allows for a max of 32 hours of use per day for the Press


There is a monthly fee of $50 that allows for 32 hours of use per month.  Members will receive a monthly email one week prior to the end of the month reminding them of dues due and providing a rotating passcode to allow members to book future usage online.

  • Each member will have the passcode to let themselves into the building.
  • Members agree to host visitors and sell printed material.
  • Members will be checked-out on the iPad to handle square sales. 
  • Members will know basics of the history of the paper, the preservation project, etc.
  • The Press pays for cleaning supplies and ink (the provided ink must be used). Members bring their own papers, cardstock, etc.
  • Naturally, members clean up after themselves, empty trash, etc. following Press instructions.
  • The use of the Mancos Common Press logo is reserved for items that are sold through the Press.
  • Accommodations can be made through volunteer hours for someone who cannot afford the full fee.

Covid regulations and requirements will vary based upon the current situation at the time. It is understood that procedures will change and evolve as the Club moves forward. All suggestions are welcome.

You will receive the password for the booking page at checkout so be sure to look at your order confirmation page and keep your order confirmation email.